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René Kasperek

XR Software Developer | User Experience Architect

Hi, I am René,
a builder of tools and solutions which leverage Virtual and Augmented Reality technology, enhancing the way we learn and experience our world.


Since 2015, I have been working in the virtual and augmented reality industry as a User Experience (UX) architect, software engineer, and 3D designer. In my current position as CTO at Blickwinkel Tour, I have gained a deep understanding of developing and deploying immersive user experiences and creating tangible solutions that utilize virtual and augmented reality technology.

I use Unity (C#), Blender, and Flutter to create outstanding interactive multi-user experiences on Android, iOS, and the web. I have learned to architect software for web and cloud-based platforms. I write algorithms and code (e.g. with Python) for pipelines that automate content creation. I have successfully overseen software development from design to deployment. Many people have visited my handcrafted virtual worlds for multi-user VR environments for educational purposes.

With over 15 years of work experience in CGI, media, visual effects, advertising, and the software industry, I have also worked as a Creative Director and Co-CEO of a media company, executing projects for leading brands such as Panasonic and Toshiba.

My user-centric design approach solves real problems with an entrepreneurial mindset. I am constantly in the learning process and am happy to share newly acquired knowledge by giving lectures on immersive content and media production. I am a technology enthusiast, tracking the latest developments in areas like Web3, Blockchain, AI, Metaverse, and XR trends, to distinguish hype from significance.

You can read more about what Experience Architects do here.

Let's work together!


We take your idea and create a beautiful & simplistic app design - the perfect user experience


Once the layout is great, we develop some interactions - your software from front-end to back-end.


Finally, we bring your application to where your customers are - from online to app stores


As creative Software Engineer and Experience Architect for Mixed Reality, I can make use of a variety of tech:
My development platforms

#Android #iOS #Flutter #MetaQuest #HTCVive #PicoInteractive #HoloLens #NrealLight #XR #VR #AR #ARKit #ARCore  #HubsCloud #WebXR #Unity #UnrealEngine #AWS #Firebase

My favourite creator tools

#Unity #Blender3D #LensStudio #VisualStudioCode #Github #MozillaSpoke #AdobeCreativeSuite #Insta360 #UnrealEngine #AffinityDesigner #Cubase #OctaneRender

My programming skills

C#, Dart, Python

My general interest

#EdTech #MixedReality  #Metaverse #NFTs #Blockchain #SocialVR